Building bridges: Realpolitik and Human Rights

Under the pressure of the greatest migrant crisis since the World War II, Europe seems to struggle in order to maintain the balance between the security of its nations and the protection of migrants’ fundamental rights and dignity. Realpolitik is the political aspect that underlines the significance of power and security in politics, under the light of given factors. For the western civilization, both the terms of power and security are tightly bound with the economy and financial welfare.

As a matter of fact, the European Union’s economy seems to had been derailed long before the migrant crisis even began. The economic crisis and the demographic ageing of the continent’s population are the major factors which jeopardize the Union’s economical well-being.

Consequently, within its ageing societies, Europe can seize the opportunity to boost their nations’ productivity by embracing and managing the waves of immigration. Having their natural rights in dignity and equality secured, migrants could help the Union to stabilize its economy and power as they can contribute to the member states’ workforce effectively.

A policy which would encourage the inclusion of migrants in the European societies and workforce would also be one that focuses on the values of power, security and effectiveness; or, in other words, realpolitik.


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