Within And Beyond Gender

Restrictions set by strong social doctrines demand men to be strong and masculine and women to be graceful and feminine. In order to maintain their power, those doctrines are being presented as part of a natural and biological law, which is supposed to strictly define a certain sexual behaviour as well. However, the very existence of homosexual and intersex people – a fact that our society strives to ignore – underlines a simple fact: gender is not but a social structure.

The traditional roles of “man” and “woman” have been set by the social norm as ruthless Symplegades stones, while anything that sails in the area between must be crashed and washed away. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and intersex people are being labeled “unnatural” and live as outcasts, frequently being victims of hatred as well.

For everyone who keep their mind open, it is clear that these restrictions are based on a rather unreasonable argumentation.

As a matter of fact, gender and sexuality do not function in a “black or white” logic. LGBTI people are not but all the other beautiful colours between red and violet, all the shades between black and white. And this entirely a natural phenomenon.

As far as those people rights are being concerned, what could be done in order to restore this unjust discrimination of our society?

In my opinion, it seems unreasonable for the law – which is supposed to promote equality and justice to maintain the gender on its legal texts. In many countries, for instance, gay marriage is being prohibited on the basis that the law defines “marriage between man and woman” exclusively. However, if the legal system is truly dedicated to implement equality, those terms should be reformed in order to refer to people as individual beings and not as parts of certain social groups, such as “men” and “women”.


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