“Get Over Your Racism” 101

Simple steps for simple thinking.

Realize that:

  1. Our origins are being defined by mere luck.
    No one is able to choose where they born, and therefore they cannot decide or control their ethnicity, their historical background, their families’ wealth and, most of the times, their own religion. It is simply inevitable.
  2. The ongoing historical situation.
    There is a war dammit! You are highly encouraged to read a few history books or scientific articles on subjects like the endless conflict in Syria.
  3. Borders are man-made.
    Countries had been divided by humans in order to better organize their communities and their protection against any potential threat. Neither God nor Mother Nature has anything to do with that. We made borders, we define borders.
  4. There is no ethnicity without criminals.
    Not a single one. Some of the refugees are dangerous and potential criminals. Some of the Europeans are also dangerous and potential criminals. Too many of the political, economic and religious leaders of the western civilization are unpunished, first-class criminals. The point is, no one has the right to stigmatize people for who they are instead of what they have done.

Got it?
This is the fundamental logical thinking. It is pretty much common sense, and guess what? It just does not get any simpler.



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