The Trump’s Trump Card Effect

First things first, a foreign country’s electoral system is not about to be judged by me. Americans voted for Trump in the American elections.

However, every American president is a person of tremendous political power and this power reverberates to the political structures of all countries. The previous week, nations all around the globe witnessed their own conservative political forces celebrating Donald Trump’s victory. Many citizens from different countries rejoice the so-called “end of globalization”, ever since the USA election results came out. Of course, this reaction came as no surprise, as well.

It has been more than five years that national-conservative parties began to steadily rise in many countries’ political systems. In addition, neo-nazism seems to have risen in parallel with the ascent of ISIS. As most reasonable people can tell, both western and eastern types  of ethnicism are not adversaries at all; they are, to be more precise, siblings, born by the same mother: hatred.

But what had led the whole world to turn once again to hatred, fear and xenophobia?

It seems that, as the atrocities of World War II fade from memory and the fragile economical structure had proven to be shaken, the western nations function like insecure people, turning into aggressive and hostile communities. The western world had nourished an economical system which created its very own instability. This instability stroke fear into the hearts of citizens and these terrified people now try to seek shelter even deeper the system, raising the fundamental mindset of capitalism as their shields.

This is the trump effect. Everywhere in the world there are people who cultivate the mentality of xenophobia and the fear of change in order to control smaller but more manageable portion of people. By making the whole world hostile to their eyes, the demagogues use fear to maintain their power and lead other people to serve their personal economical and political interests.

Once again, it all ends up to a simple, yet universal rule: we are defined not by our origins, but by our choices. Leaders of ISIS, North Korea or western conservatives, anyone who tries to spread fear and hatred are all connected and, eventually, defined by their very same choices.


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