The Human Rights and The Wheel of Fortune

Racism and indifference are being cultivated under the mentality of “we and them”. People tend to form groups – whether those be countries, tribes, parties or even gangs -, named “we”, and being hostile against other groups, “them”.

However, who we were born is being decided by random factors. Just like the randomness of a Wheel of Fortune, we could have been born as men, women or neither, in Asia, Europe, South or North America, Africa or Oceania as well. Therefore, neither “we” nor “them” could be defined by all these factors we were never able to control. Simply, we are all defined solely from our choices.

The Wheel of Fortune spins, and you are born as a girl in certain areas of western Nepal. When you are menstruating, you are being banished and risk to lose your life from cold or an animal attack.

The Wheel spins, and you are a Syrian man. Your country is being bombed by the western forces of the USA, France, UK, and other forces like Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Each of this countries bombs your hometown for its own distinct interests. Forced to flee from a living hell like that, you risk yours and your family’s lives to seek a shelter in western countries, where more and more people see you as a “deserter” or a “potential terrorist”.

The Wheel spins once again, and you are now a person caught in the middle of a tribal war in Africa.

And the Wheel of Fortune spins forever, every time a baby is born anywhere in the world.

What human rights try to do is to implement a universality of their own power. In other words, they strive to create a world where random factors (like gender or nationality) could no longer ruin people’s lives.

Bottom line, yes, we are all equal. Judging and discriminating against people for all the facts they were never able to control is as stupid as blaming a human for not being able to breathe underwater. And it is high time for humanity to banish stupidity from its societies.



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